6″ X 10″

Mixed Media on Burlap

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About the Artist


I born in Santiago de Cuba, El corbe,river fuente, la paz s/n 30 January 1970

My first school was in Aurelio Fernandez, where I ever was monitor in arts plastic since beginning till the end, but before the school i remember that i ever like to play with mud and wooden making sculpture and paints like to many children but for me that players was my be best toys, Then I pass the junior high school in willy Varcalcel,but after the nature mon, my first class of paint was in the culture house of my town, and when I had 19 years i classified for an element grade of plastic arts in Jose Joaquin tejada where I take class in the night at seven till eleven o’clociod , i decide to fight for survival.me and other Youngs try to create a workshop of artesian for help us and help the community, in this workshop i had the idea of create one of the first image of the Virgin of Caridad del Cobre and that was the first step to a revolutionary movement 

In the artesian in my village my dream in that time was to create a great movement of arts and crafts where the people can to make an sell all kinds of artesian and plastic arts but y don’t receive to much help only the historian of the village a great person and friend for me. My vocation for the arts plastic is natural in my search for understand this great labor, i inter in the more profound concept i can find, 

As for me it’s the original and authentic write universal i consider me as a thinker that like other plastic try to express my feelings in this beautiful and mysterious art that never ends the more simple pictures for me is a window to the infinite, 

In my arts i try to express in simple but mystic messages that I had understand in my search so many times my thinks are to much deep but I try ever to express in simple language trying the more people possible understand my message but I am aware that never a work say only one thing all the contrary is infinite but that is this universal language. The more complete of all expression .

My work are not to much, but to much I had make are around the world in particular hand, in Japan, france,usa,,in to much part of the planet.