24″ X  30″

Mixed Media on Canvas

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About the Artist



I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, my city with its faded walls, sometimes broken, with multiple layers of paint that have acquired over time, the gloomy lights that illuminate the city, the signs on the worn walls and so on. it could be something sad and melancholic but nevertheless the final result, which is what matters about the work turns this sadness into something cheerful full of color, stories, resistance, something magical that only art is capable of converting

Painting and my inclination for art is something that was born with me, since I was little I always liked it. Although I did not have the materials and colors that I would have liked, all because of the economic situation that was living and still living in Cuba, but this was not a brake for my creative activity, on the contrary, it was a challenge that I It · helped to grow as an artist. It helped me to create my own range of colors, composed of natural pigments, which today are part of my work; such as earth, coal, oxides of different metals, coffee and many more, all this, combined with the texture of different materials such as paper, different types of fabric, paint mixtures that were not compatible due to their chemical composition. They gave me the possibility to create and at the same time it is a zeal that identifies my work that would mark me forever.


EIA (Escuela de Instructores de Arte: Vladislav Volkov). 2006.


-Recubrimientos; colateral al Salón Internacional Espíritu Abstracto, galería Casa del teatro, S. Spíritus 15 de marzo del 2017.
-Coordenadas, EPA (Escuela Profesional de Arte: Samuel Feijó), Santa Clara 9 de septiembre del 2016.
-Coordenadas, galería Benito Ortiz, Trinidad 6 de junio del 2016.
-ADN, galería Benito Ortiz, Trinidad 1 de diciembre del 2014.
-Zona de Confort II, galería Oscar Fernández Morera, S. Spíritus 5 de octubre del 2014.
-Zona de Confort, galería la Guayabera, S. Spíritus 23 de mayo del 2013.
-Reciclaje, galería El Paso, S. Spíritus 2 de noviembre del 2012 -Cuban Art, galería Café & Bistro, Canadá agosto 2012.
-Variedad Coherente, galería Amistad, Ciudad de la Habana 23 de febrero del 2011.
-Punto de Partida, Museo de Arquitectura, Trinidad 4 de octubre 2010.
-Instantes de una Primavera AHS Sancti Spíritus abril 2009